The Team

With over 50 years of combined construction experience, we specialize in turning the vision of our clients into reality that can be shared and enjoyed among thousands of people who utilize these improvements.


Jeremy Tripp - President

Jeremy was born in Montana and moved to North Idaho at a very early age. He was raised in the Idaho Panhandle where he currently resides. Before starting his own company, Jeremy worked as an operator in the electrical utility division and underground construction for 12 years and was eventually promoted to general manager.

Utilizing the skills and experiences he gained during 1993-2004, Jeremy founded Big Sky Development in 2004 and incorporated the business in 2005. Originally Big Sky was primarily involved with land acquisition and development, constructing subdivisions and selling as whole projects to various home builders. Due to the poor economy in the real estate market throughout 2007-2008, Big Sky Development was revamped and branched out in other areas in the construction industry, specifically public works contracting in the utility division, including water, sewer, waste water and storm water projects. Since then, the business continues to grow and evolve into a successful company and offers many services as a general contractor.

Jeremy is very committed to quality and efficiency, as well as professionalism, business ethics and having a positive working atmosphere.


Steve Thurston - Preoject Manager

Steve has had 15+ years of relevant experience specializing in large diameter utility construction, heavy-road construction, grading and site remediation.  His overall experience also includes 10+ years of public works contracting projects.  As a construction project manager, he has been successful in problem solving, organization of project schedules, keeping accurate record drawings and implementing specifications of each project, site inspections, preparing reports and documentation.

Professional Experience

  • Big Sky Development, Inc., Superintendent/Project Manager/Operator
    • Job superintendent, supervision of crew, set utilities, shooting grade, digging foundations, operate dozers, excavators and backhoes, install main line water and sewer, set service lines, grade sites and prep for finish paving and concrete
  • K.C. Construction, Equipment Operator
    • Operated excavators, dozers, loaders, backhoes and rock trucks


  • Sewer Certified
  • Hazwoper Certified
  • CPR Certified

Managed Projects

  • Spires--Sewer/Water Project
  • Access Management
  • The Crossings Subdivision
  • Harper Complex Septic System
  • Timbered Ridge Lift Station
  • Diagonal Road Widening
  • Red Fir Road--Construction
  • Spires--Environmental
  • Spokane County Culvert Restoration
  • Lake Elsie Campground Remediation
  • Rainey Hill Road Repair/Remediation
  • Access East Management
  • Avista Gate/Road Remediation
  • Mullan Avenue Storm Sewer Reconstruct
  • ITD--Trestle Creek
  • Silverwood Water Line
  • City of Cd'A--Mullan Road STWTR
  • Elk Meadows--Septic Tank Installation
  • Worley Highway District--Kidd Island Rd
  • PFHD--Hauser Lake
  • Spires/SRS -Crystal Springs Addition
  • Once Again Road Repairs
  • ITD Trestle Creek Demo


Eric Hensyel - Forman

Eric has had 12+ years of experience in public works civil construction contracting.  His job description includes performing duties as the project foreman/crew leader as well as hands on, primarily with large diameter sewer, storm and water main installation projects.


  • Mullan Avenue Storm Sewer Reconstruction
  • St. Maries Emergency Levy Rehab
  • Colville Transmission Main


Dillon Adickes - Forman

Dillon has had 13+ years of experience in civil construction contracting.  His job description includes performing duties as the project foreman/crew leader as well as hands on, primarily with WWTD facilities, lift stations, heavy concrete construction, water treatment plants and water reservoir projects.


  • Metaline Falls WWTP
  • Sourdough Plant Water Treatment Facility
  • ITD Highway 95 Transmission Main
  • Rathdrum WWTP
  • Infiltrator System
  • English Point Lift Station
  • Northern Quest Casino Lift Station
  • Benewah Lift Station
  • Farmington Well Replacement


Genie Riegert - Office Manager

Genie was raised in North Idaho and has been with Big Sky Development, Inc. since 2012. She has had over 14 years of experience in the construction industry and currently is the Office Manager providing administrative support to the Big Sky team.

In addition to managing the day-to-day office operations, Genie’s responsibilities include handling human
resources, payroll and certified payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, job costing, budgeting
and financial analysis. Her expertise and meticulous financial management skills ensure that all financial
matters are handled competently and professionally.

Genie’s desire is to always have a positive attitude and believes “If you make the most of today—you’ll get
done today what needs to get done today—you’ll be ready for the great things that will come tomorrow.”