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The foundation of construction projects, involving excavation and land grading for structures and landscapes.

Underground Wet Utilities

Installation and maintenance of covered pipelines for sewage, drinking water, and storm drainage systems.

Reservoir Construction

Creating storage spaces for fresh water to ensure a reliable water supply for various uses.

Booster Station (Water)

Facilities designed to increase water pressure in the distribution system to ensure consistent service.

Road Construction

Building new roads or rehabilitating existing ones to connect communities and facilitate travel.

Underground Dry Utilities

Laying the infrastructure for non-liquid services like gas, electricity, and telecommunications.

Lift Station (Sewer)

Pumping stations that move wastewater from lower to higher elevations, especially where the elevation of the source is very low.

Subdivision Development

Preparing and constructing new residential or commercial land divisions, including infrastructure and utilities.

Bridge Building

Designing and erecting bridges to traverse obstacles and connect regions, enhancing transport and communication.


Removing excess water from construction sites to create a dry and stable work environment.

Levee Construction

Erecting embankments along rivers or other watercourses to prevent flooding and manage water flow.


Utilizing pressurized water to remove soil and unearth underground utilities safely.

Sprayroq Coating

Applying protective coatings to infrastructure, such as pipes and containment areas, for corrosion control and rehabilitation.


Using high-pressure water jets to clean and maintain sewer lines and other pipelines.

All Things Civil Construction

A comprehensive suite of services encompassing all aspects of civil engineering and infrastructure development.